Blazing the Trail of Tomorrow, Today!

As a Hillsborough County Charter School, we operate as a nonprofit – a 501(c) 3. Funding received from the State of Florida is limited and less than what traditional public schools receive.  It is necessary for fundraising to take place in order to meet our school’s annual budget and goals.  PHS works hard at sustaining its mission to offer an innovative, high quality education with rigorous educational programs, equipping our students for academic achievement and post-secondary success.  To do this, the school must generate funding on an annual basis from grants, sponsorships and fundraising efforts from students, parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty/staff, Board and community partners.

Dr. Kiran C. Patel High School kicks off our first Giving Campaign August 18th-December 18th. This is our school’s MOST IMPORTANT fundraiser!! Monies raised through this campaign will support, expand, and enhance current accelerated programs which aim to prepare students for college, careers, and post-secondary success.  We invite each student and their family to collect at least $150 in donations over a 4-week period. Our school wide goal is $67,500.

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What will these funds be used for?

2020-2021 Needs:

Additional Chromebooks to ensure we can provide a device for every child in our school this year! 

  • Google for Education Subscription- $24.98 per device x 250 additional students= $6,245
  • Each Chromebook- $250 per device x 250 additional students = $62,500
  • Chromebook Cart- $1,698.00 per cart x 8= $13,584
  • Sanitation supplies- $11,000 initial supply order 
  • Total- $93, 329

Overall Goal: $67,500

Each Learner Goal: $150

What You Earn Per Achieved Goal:

$100 Goal- 

  • 2 Dress Down Passes anytime during the school year
  • 1 Front of the Lunch Line Pass to use anytime during the school year

$150 Goal- 

  • $100 level incentive plus
  • DJ during lunch for the day (Day will be selected by administration, DJ can be an E-Learner too) 

$250 Goal- 

  • $150 level incentive plus
  • 2 additional Dress Down passes to be used throughout the year (Total of 4)
  • Free Parking Pass when you can drive! 

$350 Goal-

  • $250 level incentive plus
  • 3 additional Dress Down passes to be used throughout the year (Total of 5)
  • Teacher for the Day (Day will be selected by administration & teacher) 
  • Learner admission to sporting events for free

$500 Goal- 

  • $350 level incentive plus
  • Principal for the Day (Day will be selected by administration)
  • Learner name on the Marquee
  • Half off all school dances until graduation 

Top Learner:

  • All previous level incentives 
  • Learner name on the Marquee
  • 1 Day of School Lunch Choice (1 of 3 school vendors)
  • Front of the lunch line for the rest of the school year

First Two Homerooms to Reach 100% Participation: 

  • Donuts during homeroom 
  • 1 dress down day 
  • Homeroom teachers receive 2 jean days and a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant or store of choice

Note: Participation is a minimum of $50 in donations.

Long-Term Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Naming of the Amphitheatre $30,000
  • Naming of the MakerSpace $40,000
  • Naming of the PBL Lab $50,000

As always, thank you for your support. Go Trailblazers!