As a school of choice, the mandatory uniform program establishes an environment of respect and focus on academia. Risse Brothers is the approved PHS uniform vendor for all uniform polos, dress code approved bottoms, PE uniforms, and outerwear.

Risse Brothers School Uniforms
4228 N. Armenia Ave
Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813) 282-8338
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Before making your initial purchase, whether you wish to shop in the store, over the phone, or online, ALL families must register at the Risse Brothers website: www.rissebrothers.com. Without being registered, you will not be able to make the purchase you want. Registration is a one-time requirement and an easy process. Simply complete the following Steps:

Completing this simple one-time registration process in advance of trying to make a purchase will help make uniform shopping faster and easier for you.

Dress Code Policy

Physical Education (PE): Gray Dri-Fit tops and royal blue bottom- must be purchased from the uniform company. Learners must wear their PE uniforms in the appropriate manner as outlined here: no sagging, must be appropriate fit and length. Learners may face penalty in PE class if they do not wear their PHS approved PE uniform. Female learners may wear black yoga pants while participating in physical education and males may wear black sweat athletic pants. Athletic/tennis shoes must be worn during PE for safety reasons (must have complete laces). 

Outerwear: PHS Purchased Outerwear ONLY. – Uniform polo must be worn under all outerwear


  • Grey and Royal Blue – Dri-fit only – must be purchased from the uniform company
  • Shirts are required to be tucked in


  • Skort option – Knee-length skorts can only be purchased from the uniform company – logo required
  • Khaki or Black bottoms
    • Bottoms (with the exception of the skorts) may be purchased through the uniform company or they may be purchased through other vendors, but they must be the correct style as indicated in this dress code policy.
    • Bottoms may include long pants, capri pants (girls), knee-length shorts, and skorts.
    • Learners are required to wear a belt each day. Learners must wear belts in the belt loops that are simple black or brown leather or cloth. Studs, extreme buckles, or extreme messages on belts are not permitted.
    • Dress code policy: No yoga style, spandex, jeans, sweatpants style, jogger style- tapered elastic bottom, or baggy style bottom is permitted. Bottoms should be an appropriate fit. Bottoms with drawstrings or that cinch at the top and/or bottom are not permitted. No tight fitting bottoms are permitted. Uniform style pant only.
      • Pant Requirements: belt loops, zipper, front pockets, no faux pockets


  • Must be closed toe and closed back
  • Shoes must be tied if they have laces. 
  • Flip-flops/beach/open-toed sandals/sandals with Velcro closures/open-back/high heel/water/shower shoes/combat boots/shoes with wheels/Croc-style shoes with open-backs or straps and “speaker shoes” are NOT permitted, no slides. 
    • Socks – school appropriate – no requirement for color
    • If shoes become a distraction to the learning environment there will be a consequence.