All school fees are payed online at

If you have not already done so, you will need to create an OrgsOnline user account. Select the “Create New Account” option and when asked enter the school code 507PHSFL and provide the information requested to activate your account.

How to Pay Fees

  1. Click on the Special Orders section.
  2. If the fee has not already been added to your account, select the + sign next to the fee you need to pay and add this fee to your account.
  3. If the fee has already been added to your account or once you have added the fee, you can pay the fee by select the PAY NOW link in the upper left corner of the screen If ordering on a phone, and you do not see the PAY NOW link, click the “Menu” icon that looks like = and it usually appears toward the top of the screen.
  4. After the order has been recorded, you will see an Order Confirmation showing what was ordered and the amount due.

We accept payment via online check or credit card only.  Follow the on-screen prompts to complete and submit your payment. A Convenience Fee charge will appear when you view the total amount due (this is to help cover processing fees charged to us when we accept online payments).

If you have any question regarding your payment, select the View Transactions option to see if a payment was recorded to your account. You will see exactly what the system has recorded for your account.

You must process each order through until you see the Order Confirmation page.  Do not stop until you see an Order Confirmation for the order being submitted. The system does not recognize an payment until you see the Confirmation Page.