Focus 45 is a positive school-wide academic initiative to encourage and support learner achievement that occurs for 45-minutes four days a week. 

Each Focus 45 is organized as follows: 

  • F45 Day One- Monday
    • 1st half- 9:17-9:30- Extended Homeroom with Silent Study Hall & Calendar Planning i.e. planning tutoring sessions for the week
      • 9:30-9:35 transition to mentor meeting/Club meeting
    • 2nd Half- 9:35-10:05- Mentorship Meeting or Club Meeting- rotating schedule each week- all staff will be required to sponsor a club that meets during this time. 
  • F45 Day Two- Tuesday
    • 9:20-10:05- Tutoring Session 1:sign-up required via Sign-up Genius 
  • F45 Day Three- Wednesday
    • 9:20-10:05- Tutoring Session 2:sign-up required via Sign-up Genius 
  • F45 Day Four- Thursday
    • 9:20-10:05- Tutoring Session 3:sign-up required via Sign-up Genius 

The school calendar includes the schedule for Mentor Mondays & Club Days: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BQNts4cvzvxqTjv1yQlkZPbsIhXm_f35R4QnqbwJtAI/edit?usp=sharing 

Overall Guidelines

  • Learners are required to schedule their tutoring sessions via Sign-up Genius each week.
    • It is recommended that learners use Study Hall to schedule their 3 tutoring sessions each week. 
    • All learners must be in a tutoring session each day following the bell
  • Personal Electronics policy applies at all times, as this is academic time. 
    • Learners will have access to Chromebook devices during Focus 45 to ensure they have access to resources and materials needed for course work. 
  • Hallways are for transitioning; learners should not be seated in hallway coves.
  • Parent/Guardian early dismissal/pick-ups are strongly discouraged during Focus 45 as making school-wide announcements can be distracting. Early dismissals should be given before or after Focus 45.

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