Attendance Procedures 2020-2021

Homeroom Attendance:

All learners (both e-Learners & in-person) will report to their HR Google Classroom, click on the Google Meet Link, and wait for their HR Facilitator to take attendance. If an e-Learning learner does not attend HR by 7:50 am, they must complete a Virtual Sign-in located here: Parents/Guardians are expected to complete the absence request form by 9 am when learners are absent for all or any part of the day to report the absence. Parents/Guardians must contact the school within 24 hours of the absence in order to be considered excused.

Homeroom Responsibilities:

Prior to 7:45 am, all learners are expected to check email, Google Classroom, and any other school related platforms. All learners must log into their Homeroom Google Meet session for daily attendance at 7:45 am. Learners are expected to access any school related announcements posted in the Homeroom Google Classroom. 

Period Attendance

All learners must be present in their class Google Meet each period following the PHS 20-21 Bell Schedule. All learners are responsible for knowing the correct Bell Schedule each day and arriving on time to all classes. We recommend e-Learners add an alarm on their phone that matches the bell schedule. 

Sign Out

In-person learners who need to be signed out will have their parent/guardian wear a mask and come inside the building to sign them out per normal procedures. A temperature check will be required as they enter the office. 

E-Learners who need to be signed out must have a parent/guardian send an email to Tess Pena: The email must include a copy of the parent/guardian photo ID so that we can confirm they are on the emergency contact list.

 Learners who depart from school without sending a sign out email to Mrs. Pena will be considered delinquent and may face disciplinary consequences.

  • More than four sign-outs in a grading period shall require medical or other documentation and/or a parent/guardian must be present in order to be considered excused. Learners may submit documentation to


All learners should only report an absence if they are unable to attend live. Absence reporting to the school should take place via the Attendance Link ( as outlined in the 20-21 Learner & Family Handbook. 

  • In order for an absence to be excused, learners or family must complete the Absence Form the day before the absence or the day of the absence by 9 am

Notice of long-term absences and/or pre-arranged absences should be sent to the Assistant Principal of Administration for review and approval. 


If any learner is late to school for whatever reason, they should complete the following steps:

If a learner does not complete the Virtual Sign In Form, their presence on PHS virtual campus will be considered delinquent and they may face disciplinary consequences.

Temporary Change of Learning Model

If In-Person learners who are ill or quarantined are able to participate in eLearning, and need to work from home for three days or more, they may send a request to the Dean of Curriculum and Counseling via email for a Temporary Change of Learning Model ( In order to qualify for a Temporary Change of Learning Model, a learner must: 

  • Require an absence of 3 days or more
  • Must present medical documentation citing a need for the prolonged absence
  • Await approval by the Mrs. Incaprera  
    • Learners will be marked absent until approval is received

Change of Learning Model for Non-Medical Reasons

Learners and families must complete the Change of Learning Model Request form to notify PHS of the requested change of learning model. The learner must wait to receive notice of approval for Change of Learning Model by Mrs. Incapera prior to making the change. Changes of Learning Model will not be permitted during the First Week of School.