For the 2021-2022 academic year, we will be offering a boys and girls volleyball team. There are physical, academic, and behavioral requirements to be part of a team and to participate in a team. See the main athletics page for a list of the required documents.

Coach – Rob Marshall

Hello Patel High School Trailblazers,

I would like to take this opportunity by introducing myself to the administrators, teachers, parents and students as the new head coach of the girls volleyball team. My coaching philosophy is centered around teaching the fundamentals of the game, then working toward more advanced skills and game play. I believe that the athlete must learn the basics of the game prior to moving forward with learning more advanced aspects of the game. Being a part of a team there will naturally be a range of skillsets. Practices will be planned to reinforce skills and techniques as well as pushing those more advanced athletes.

I began playing volleyball around the age of 19 and was immediately addicted. I played indoors competitively for over 20 years in the Mid-Atlantic region (VA/MD/DE) in tournaments at the local, regional, and national levels within the adult USAV organization. I also competed competitively at the “Open” level in beach volleyball along the East coast. My teaching of the game ranges from running both indoor/beach volleyball clinics for both adults and juniors. I have also been both an AAU and USAV junior coach at several volleyball clubs in Florida.

I’m looking forward to working with the AD Emily Frazer to build a successful girls volleyball program at Patel High school. I understand this is a new program and I will put in 100% effort to ensure that the program gets off to a good start! My goal is to be able to instill the love of the sport with all the girls that compete on the team as well as ensure they display good sportsmanship, teamwork, and are working to improve every day.

Coach Rob Marshall

“A person is not successful until the moment they complete a successful act” – Phil Jackson

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If you have any general athletic questions, please contact the athletic director, Mrs. Strawn, via e-mail at Marlee.Strawn@Patelhs.org.