Application deadline is December 28th

Educate, Inspire & Empower Students through Transformative Teaching & Learning


Patel Institute for Innovation (Dr. Kiran C. Patel High School) will be a model for transformative teaching and learning, demonstrating methods and techniques that are replicated in high quality public high schools across the state and the nation.


The mission of Patel Institute for Innovation is to educate, inspire, and empower students by providing a mutually transformative educational environment that integrates 21st century knowledge and skills with personalized and innovative instruction, school/community partnerships, and a focus on social responsibility and leadership.

With a focus on transformative learning and teaching, Patel Institute for Innovation (PI2) is committed to implementing a comprehensive framework for 21st century education that focuses on the skills, knowledge, and expertise students must master to succeed in work and life. The learning and innovation skills essential to 21st century learning – critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity will be embedded within the context of core subjects and interdisciplinary themes that will challenge our students, teachers, and school leaders to excel.

Background & Opportunity

Dr. Kiran C. Patel High School will open its doors in August 2019 with approximately 300 students in grades 9 and 10. The school was conceived and founded by a group of passionate people wanting to bring an innovative educational opportunity to Hillsborough County. The founders engaged Collaborative Educational Network, Inc. (CEN) to help articulate their vision and to assist with the opening of the charter school.


During the pre-opening months before PHS opens between February and August 2019, the Principal will work with the School’s consultant from Collaborative Educational Network to:

  • Guide the development of the curriculum, school policies, systems, and structures.
  • Assist with hiring instructional staff.
  • Connect the School community with the larger educational community, including other charter and public schools in Hillsborough County.
  • Plan Professional development including summer institute for new staff.
  • Participate in all Governing Board meetings.
  • Work with Hillsborough County district staff to ensure all aspects of charter contract are being implemented and the opening checklist is completed.

The Position

The Principal leads the implementation of the mission and vision of the School, maintains high academic standards in curriculum, educational practices, student performance, and manages School facilities, finances, while creating a stable and nurturing school environment for faculty and students. The Principal provides strong organizational and instructional leadership in order to assure high student outcomes.


Florida certification in Educational Leadership, School Principal, or Administration, or Administration and Supervision required within the first year of employment. Five (5) years of related professional experience required. Master’s Degree required. Preference will be given to candidates with a demonstrated track record of:

  • Opening a new school;
  • Implementing school wide project based learning;
  • Transformational educational model;
  • Charter school experience


The Principal reports to the Governing Board; this is a twelve (12) -month position.

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities of the Principal fall into the following categories:

Leadership – The Principal is expected to:

  • Develop and implement the School vision and mission;
  • Implement, evaluate and report the School’s goals and objectives, as stated in the Charter, to key stakeholders, including the Hillsborough County School Board and Superintendent;
  • Maintain a positive School/Community climate and a safe and healthy environment; and
  • Encourage teachers and students to perform to the best of their ability.

Curriculum and Instruction – The Principal is expected to:

  • Plan, implement, and evaluate the School instructional program based on student needs and within state guidelines;
  • Serve as instructional leader and coach with Project based learning;
  • Compile and prepare all student achievement outcomes;
  • Supervise and coordinate School-wide programs, curricula and course options;
  • Review teacher lesson plans and instruction to ensure correlation with the Florida Standards;
  • Coordinate and supervise the testing and assessment program; and
  • Endure that all academic components of the School’s charter are being met.

Student Outcomes – To ensure students achieve to their greatest potential, the Principal must:

  • Solicit input from all stakeholder groups and facilitate the development of a School Improvement Plan (SIP) that addresses all aspects of School and student performance;
  • Support data-based decision making and implementation of an organized, coherent, and effective Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).

Faculty and Staff To effectively lead the faculty and staff, the Principal must:

  • Determine staffing needs;
  • Coordinate and conduct the interview process and make hiring and termination decisions for all staff;
  • Supervise all staff;
  • Coordinate, supervise, and conduct the evaluations of all staff; and
  • Develop and supervise new teacher programs.
  • Collaborate with mentorship liaison and cultivate relationships with potential community partners

School Environment and Facilities Management – To effectively manage the facilities and the School environment, the Principal must:

  • Supervise all students;
  • Implement and enforce attendance and tardy policies and procedures for all students;
  • Enforce the discipline plan and assist teachers with all concerns and issues related to student behavior;
  • Develop and implement School rules and regulations;
  • Plan, implement, supervise, and evaluate all non-academic programs (i.e., athletics, extra-curricular, co-curricular);
  • Plan and participate in special events; and
  • Assume responsibility for the buildings, grounds, equipment and supplies of the School; supervise the work of the custodians and maintenance staff, reporting to the governing board the conditions and needs of the school.

Finances – To provide sound fiscal leadership the Principal must;

  • Supervise and coordinate the budgetary process;
  • Ensure that the School is operating with the set budget; and
  • Oversee the proper financial record keeping processes and maintain inventory control of all School resources.

Public Relations – To champion the mission and vision of the School within the School community and the community at large, the Principal must:

  • Recruit students and faculty for the School as needed;
  • Facilitate frequent communication to the parents of the School community;
  • Interpret the educational program of the School and School system to the community;
  • Establish business partnerships and positive relationships with community leaders; and initiate fundraising activities.

Professional Development – The Principal must lead by example regarding continuing education and professional development. To lead effectively in these areas, the Principal must:

  • Participate successfully in the training programs offered to increase the individual’s skill and proficiency related to the assignment;
  • Identify relevant professional development opportunities and engage staff in professional development activities aligned with educational program;
  • Review current developments, literature, and technical sources of information related to job responsibility; and
  • Be familiar with Charter School Laws and Florida Statutes, understand how they may impact the School, and report to the Board regarding any significant changes or developments.

Administrative – To ensure administrator duties are implemented effectively, the Principal must:

  • Oversee the grade reporting system;
  • Monitor substitute teachers and the class coverage process;
  • Supervise and coordinate student registration, scheduling, master scheduling construction;
  • Maintain records such as, but not limited to, student test scores, attendance records, overseeing IEP’s, and all other reports as needed for efficient operation of the School and compliance with Federal, State and local requirements; and
  • Attend and participate in meetings of the PHS board and its committees as requested.

All applicants are asked to submit a cover letter and current resume or vita  that includes education, certification, and relevant work experience via e-mail to Dr. Christy Noe, Consultant at christy.noe@patelhighschool.org

Application deadline is December 28th

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