PHS sports

PHS is currently focused on ensuring excellence in the core school functions like academics, student services, and classroom technology. Sports are very important to us and we are so fortunate as a charter school to be able to offer them; more information is forthcoming on how to get them started.

Playing sports at another school

Some students have brought the FHSAA form EL12 to us to sign so that they can play sports at another school. However, this form is for private schools, and we’re not a private school and hence cannot sign it.

If you want your student to play sports at the school you are zoned for, the FHSAA has told us that you simply have to provide proof to your zoned school that your student is attending PHS. A student schedule can suffice, or another document that has your student’s name and something related to their enrollment at PHS.

If you want your student to play at a school you aren’t zoned for, we’re told that the EL14 form needs to be filled out, which can be found on their website here.


If you have any further questions or concerns, contact Dr. Stanton at or (813) 694-7667 x153.