Learners at Dr. Patel High School are strongly encouraged to do at least 100 hours of community service. Service in the community is important because they are excellent opportunities to learn and develop new skills, meet new people, and give back in a positive way. There are many different agencies that welcome young people to be actively involved. The additional benefit of completing 100 or more hours of community service is that it is one of the qualifying factors for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. 

Community Service Guidelines for Bright Futures

Learners that wish to do community service should do the following: 

  1. Print out or pick up (from the front office) the Community Service Proposal form
  2. Fill out the form and email it to your assigned counselor:
  3. Your counselor will review the proposal and if acceptable, sign off on the proposal, make a copy, and then return it to the learner for his/her records. 
  4. Print out or pick up (from the front office ) the Community Service Log 
  5. Take the Community Service log to the site at the time of service and fill it out, making sure that the supervisor of the activities signs the form verifying service time.
  6. At this time, learners must hold on to their completed Community Service log. We are switching over to Profferfish, an online community service platform, in August. Learners will input their hours once we switch over. 
  7. Use this link to locate approved places for community service opportunities: Community Service – List of Approved Service Sites