Name Position E-mail
Brett Baudendistel HOPE/Athletic Director
Lauren Carnell Director of Academic Success
Krystal Castro Social Studies Facilitator
Jordan Donohue ELA Facilitator
Eric Marrero Facilities Coordinator
Jackie Flavio Art Facilitator
Laura Gaber STEM/Math Facilitator
Siobhan Herkert Science Facilitator
Taylor Hyer ELA Facilitator
Amy Incaprera Dean of Curriculum and Counseling
Chris Jackson Technology Facilitator
Justin Kampert ELA Facilitator
Andrew Lopez HOPE/Anatomy & Physiology Facilitator
Kira Mark Mathematics Facilitator
Patricia Martinez ESE Specialist
Shannon Meara Science Facilitator
Tess Peña Front Office Coordinator
Rachel Perley ELA Facilitator
Danielle Rice-Baudendistel Science Facilitator
Nicole Roberts Spanish Facilitator
Austin Simpson Dean of Learners and Operations
Jackie Staszczak-Flavio Social Studies Facilitator
Kimberly Stewart ELA Facilitator
Marlee Strawn Principal
Celina Street Director of Learner and Personnel Services
Trina Turner Cafeteria Coordinator
Eileen Valdes Spanish Facilitator
Christina Werner Mathematics Facilitator
Megan Wierbonics Social Studies Facilitator
Jamieka Wilkinson Mathematics Facilitator
Officer Jennings School Security Officer